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Friday, March 13, 2009

An Article by Lorrie Flem, Teach Magazine

I wanted to share an article written by Lorrie Flem at Teach Magazine that I thought you might might enjoy.

7 Ways to Make Learning Memorable

Mrs. Lorrie Flem, TEACH Magazine

Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

We all have good homeschooling days and
bad ones with all manner of sorts in between. But the “good days”
should be ones that learning was successful not just days when you got
it all done.

So how do you make learning memorable?
Here are 7 ideas for you to imploy to make your homeschooling experience
one to remember!

  1. Use unit studies. When
    my oldest boys were young we used KONOS and learned about listening.
    They still remember how sound travels and what is inside an ear. These
    are lessons worth the time spent doing them.

  1. Use field trips. You
    won’t have to look far to find some of these to enjoy. If you are
    feeling frazzled just shoot for one every other month. If you are adventuresome
    then go for one a week. Remember, field trips will stick in their minds
    as highlights for years to come.

  1. Use videos. There are
    oodles of videos on every subject under the sun. You can purchase them,
    use the local library, borrow and share with friends, and check out
    the church library too. Videos are a fun and relaxing family event when
    you make it a small part of learning.

  1. Use dramatization.
    I don’t mean mom! Have the children act things out for you. Use simple
    costumes and sets but encourage them to be elaborate in their acting.
    Acting out things you are learning about is a great way to help them
    remember the high points of things for years to come.

  1. Use reading aloud.
    Read out loud to your children. I shoot for a minimum of an hour a day
    using the Bible (We have used the
    Study program
    we sell for
    almost 20 years. It is fantastic!) and history or science. Don’t just
    read but read with lots of voice inflection. Give different people various
    voices and read in a way that captures their attention.

  1. Use journaling. Have
    them write about what you are studying in school right now. Make notebooks
    dealing with the topic. Have them write their own story on the topic.
    Have them email a friend about it or start a family homeschool blog.
    The point is that writing is a good way to “cement” learning.

  1. Use verbal recall.
    Have them repeat the story back If they don’t like to write. Have
    them tell it back to you. and this will not only “test” their recall
    and how well they grasped the story, it will also help it stick in their

After all, isn’t that the point of
homeschooling. We want to teach them things for more than just recall
on a test. We’re not looking for A’s on tests and then for them
to promptly forget it. We want our homeschool learning to be an experience
to remember.

Mrs. Lorrie Flem, Randy’s rib of 24 years, Mama to 8, Publisher of
TEACH Magazine. TEACH Magazine - Encouraging & challenging moms.
Learn how to enjoy mothering, bless your husband, get inspiring ideas
and look more like Jesus at http://www.teachmagazineaffiliates.com/affiliates/uid/tammid_1_aaid_23

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