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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

E-Book: The Old Schoolhouse- HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance

I have met many interesting ladies as I read Homework: Juggling, Home. Work and School Without Losing Your Balance. These ladies and their families are not so different from yours and mine; they are committed to their Lord and Savior, their husbands and children, homeschooling, and the talents that God has given them. Where they may differ from us is that they also work from home running one or more home businesses. How did they come to make these choices? Is it easy, and without trials? This book answers these questions and more with about 16 ladies writing about their own journey into working from home. Each of them discuss their own personal reasons for beginning on their journey, and the ups and downs that they have experienced.

All of the ladies who run and work in these business have varied talents and abilities, financial needs, and a family size ranging from 3 to 10 or more. And they each have experienced the lessons that life tends to give us, such as, setting priorities, being flexible, learning to live with some chaos and "organized clutter", balancing God, family, homeschooling and business responsibilities, how to involve the children, and following God's leading.

The jobs that they do and the people they serve vary with the different talents and needs each lady and family have. The creativity God has given them has turned into income ranging from pocket money to a supporting income. You may be wondering what types of businesses homeschoolers run, and are a part of. Some of these businesses are: sewing and crafting, in-home parties and sales, writing and publishing, computer network management, running a bed and breakfast, travel consulting, raising and selling small animals and pet care.

These ladies lovingly offer advice, and practical tips to help you get started and/or to continue in your business like: computer software and programs, websites and online resources, and creative scheduling ideas and solutions.

If you have ever wondered if a home-based business is right for you and your family this book is one that I would recommend to you. It is packed with a lot of personal stories, advice, and resources to help you to do your own research to see if this way of life works for you and your family.

You will find more information about this WeE-Book at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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