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Sunday, April 26, 2009

E-Book: WeE-book™-Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking by Dr. Ruth Beechick

Dr. Ruth Beechick has opened my eyes to some potentially damaging arithmetic teaching. Most math curriculums start out teaching abstract concepts right from the start, when concrete thinking develops first. Why do these publishers insist on teaching the abstract before the concrete? Teaching the symbols before the child even understands what they mean? It is because they think it will make the child smarter, and therefore learn faster. But, children are concrete learners and must learn what 2 or 5 or 10 is before they can add or subtract, or recognize the symbols.

This WeE-Book has many helpful examples of how to naturally teach these concrete concepts, for example, asking your child to put 4 cups on the table, or ask "Do you see the 3 horses in the field?" As homeschoolers, some of us naturally teach this way, but when it is time to officially "do school" we fall back on the the way we were taught, and pick up the workbooks we are so familiar with. So how do we avoid these pitfalls? Dr. Beechich skillfully teaches us how. She has even developed a chart for you and I to use to check off these important skill as our child(ren) learn them.

I believe this WeE-Book is a wonderful resource to keep in our homeschool libraries, so that we might help our children to fly, and then soar with confidence as they learn more and more skills.

You will find more information about this WeE-Book at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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