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Sunday, April 26, 2009

E-Book: WeE-book™-Changing History Theories and How to Teach Them by Dr. Ruth Beechick

Are you confused by the timeline of History; wondering how Biblical and secular History fit together? Then you might Find the We E-book The Changing History Theories and How to Teach Them By Dr. Ruth Beechich to be a helpful resource.

Dr. Beechich explains how historians arrive at their conclusions about history. She also explains how archeological digs can confirm or change our ideas about history. She writes about the secular historians beginning history at post-flood times because the world Adam and Eve, Enoch, and others knew prior to the flood was washed away with the flood waters. Taking with them the physical history that they had left behind.

Dr. Beechich also talks about the Evolutionary Prehistory Historians who believe in "a long time of prehistory to gradually develop language and gradually learn agriculture" (p.2) and say that people didn't begin as farmers, but as hunters and gatherers and were that for a long time before developing farming skills. Prehistory as historians refer to it is a time before before written history, before people had the ability to write. Lining up with what many scientists say about our origins.

Next, she discusses the Biblical view. In this view Adam was a farmer from the beginning and he talked with God right from the start. She talks about how Noah would have planted a vineyard after the flood waters had receded; and how his family taught their children about the world before the flood along with teaching them the skills that would also have existed before the flood. She tells of how pre and post flood history would and would not fit together, and how the Bible contains these important historical facts. Facts such as, how Abraham was born 2000 years after creation and 2000 years before Jesus, and how Egypt and other early civilizations fit in, and of Israel's importance.

The book ends by discussing the do's and don'ts of teaching history to children. What about gaps, and dates, chronology, and stories, the Bible and timelines? These questions are thoroughly covered, and answered.

I would recommend this WeE-book as a wonderful resource to families who are new or veteran homeschoolers.

You will find more information about this WeE-Book at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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