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Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That

I wanted to share a little with you about what I have been doing recently. Things do not change very much here. I am a stay at home; homeschooling mom of 5 beautiful children. My husband works one full-time overnight job 9pm to 8am four days a week and two part-time jobs. Our kids and I are at home working and learning together.

We attend a local 4-H club that is mainly for homeschooler's and has been a great place for us to connect with other families. Our kids look forward to going. Zachariah, 13, is enjoying being on the yearbook team. Nathaniel,10, likes stamp collecting and is learning a lot of history in the process. My 5 and 6 year-olds enjoy everything they are learning and just plain have fun, and the 2 year-old plays in the nursery.

I have Joined the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.com it's free to join and I really like it. The member discounts have helped me to buy curriculum I would not have been able to purchase otherwise. Maybe you would be interested in some of what I found, to use in our homeschool.

Explode the Code online is a phonics program that my children thoroughly enjoy. It is a fun way for them to practice their phonics and to learn a little about using the computer. As the kids use the program the computer gathers and records their progress and places them where they need to be; giving them extra practice when it is needed and advances them as well as they learn and master the skills being taught. I think it will work well alone or along side another program as a way to reinforce their learning.

We also subscribed to 5 minute mystery. My oldest son loves it. It is very good for developing logic and thinking skills. There is a new mystery to solve daily, and archived mysteries to solve for extra practice, or just for fun. I am sure my son would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

We had a good Easter, even though the girls were not feeling well. David took the boys to church and I stayed at home with the girls. When they returned home we had a simple lunch of egg salad sandwiches, then I read a book to the kids, The Very First Easter by Paul L. Maier. We relaxed most of the afternoon, and then I made one of my husbands favorite meals (Chicken Divan) to surprise him with.

I hope you had a good Easter, too. I especially hope that you know the resurrected Christ who is why we celebrate Easter.

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