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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Written by: Debra Rayburn, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., I.C.A; Sera Johnson, B. Mu; Laura Hopkins, BS Communications; Karen Hopkins, BS Home Economics

There are so many different books available that address diet and nutrition, how do you choose? Books that recommend no meat, only meat, only soup, the Mediterranean diet, the South Beach diet, the bean diet... Then there is what the government recommends as the as the most nutritionally sound way to eat. Which should we choose? We all want to feed our families healthy food, and we are all doing the best we know how. I know that I have been guilty of thinking I can't buy certain foods because of budget constraints, and/or family preferences. These things affect every family to varying degrees; and are concerns for all of us, but I am learning that small changes over time really do help,and are easier for everyone to adjust to. You may be thinking, so what? What makes Nutrition 101: Choose Life! different from all of the other diets I could choose from? Why should I consider this one?

Nutrition 101: Choose Life! covers the 12 main body boby systems in 6 units:
-The Brain and Nervous System
- The Digestive System
-The Respiratory, Olfactory, Auditory, and Visual Systems
-The Muscular ans Skeletal Systems
-The Endoctrine System and Emotions
These unit studies can be enoyed by the entire family, young and old alike, and benefited from. They cover a variety of subjects including science, anatomy, biology, nutrition and health; and may be used daily or weekly, depending on your family's schedule and/or need. A practical way to to incorperate learning and daily life is through menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.

Each Unit Contains: Chapters that cover information about a body system, and how the food we eat affects them. Discussion questions that each member of the family can answer at their own level. Activities for you to pick and choose from to reinforce the lesson, or to use as a review. You will also find Additional Resources, such as, recipes, activity guides and appendixes.

I found Nutrition 101: Choose Life! to be more than just another diet plan. It is a full health and nutrition curriculum, that is written to be enjoyed by families and/or small groups. It is well written,and easy to understand; and probably one of the best health curriculums I have seen.

You will find ordering information for Nutrition 101: Choose Life! here.

The price for the book is $99.95, the CD-ROM is $79.95, or both for $129.95

For international orders it is requested that you either call 918-841-2934, or e-mail orders@growinghealthyhomes.com

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