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Sunday, September 13, 2009

StudyPod Book Holder: Your Homework Helper from GENIO, LLC

The StudyPod is a versitile devise that can be used in many different situations--from homework to office work, in the kitchen, or the music room you'll find yourself using the StudyPod anywhere you need your hands free for other things.

The StudyPod is small, and opens like a book, which makes it easy to store and take with you to work and school. It comes with clear instructions explaining how to set up and use your StudyPod. I found easy to set up and use. The angle is simular to your laptop screen to help relive the muscles in your back and neck to make your work more comfortable. There is also a pocket inside of the StudyPod for you to store thigs such as; pens, pencils, cell phone, or mp3 player.

My son has used the StudyPod to place his keyboarding/typing work on and he found that he could type easier and more accurately, without losing his place as often as he did with the article set flat on the desk. Another of my sons likes to use the StudyPod when he reads. I not only like it to place my review notes on as I type, but also in the kitchen to place recipe cards or a cookbook on it when I am cooking and baking.

I am sure you will find the StudyPod useful as well, and you may find even more ways to use it. The StudyPod sells for $19.95 and can be ordered from www.studypod.us. I also have been given permission to provide a coupon code for you to receive $5.00 off website orders it is: TOSBLOG5.

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