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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joyful Momma's Guide to Advent

Hello Everyone, Kimberly Eddy over at Joyful Momma Publishing is offering a Christmas e-book that I thought you might be interested in.


Advent: Preparing for the Coming of the Lord is now double in size, and fully illustrated!

Advent: Preparing for the Coming of the Lord is a four week long devotional for families which looks to the Lord's Second coming while celebrating His first coming to Earth.

This newly-revised 122 page e-book contains:

  • Instructions for incorporating Advent celebrations into your own family, including how to create your own Advent Calendar and Advent Wreath.
  • Full Color Illustrations for each day of Advent
  • Matching Coloring pages, with dashed-line copywork for the day's memory verse, which can double as Penmanship practice.
  • Printable Memory Verse cards
  • Printable, illustrated Advent Calendar cards
  • An overview of the Messianic Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, for further study
  • A four week long daily family devotional with an Evangelistic emphasis

Download a Sample File Here.

Purchase this 122 page family devotional and coloring book now for the low introductory rate of just $12.00 $6.50 (sale ends on November 21st) by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I am a new affiliate for Joyful Momma and will earn $3.00 from each sale.

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