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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Blog, My Blog - How I Have Missed You

You have been so very patient as I have tried to fix computer problems, work on a friends' books for her business, getting them ready for her taxes to be done, and tending to the needs of my family.

I've had things to say, but nowhere to share them once my computers went down in mid-November. Then once I was able to get one of the computers up and running in mid-January I had to tend to my friends' books, which I keep on the computer. The Children needed to get caught-up on their school work that they do on the computer. One child uses My Access for writing, three of my children use Explode the Code Online for phonics, they also use a computer science curriculum from Motherboard Books.

As I check my e-mail each day I see notices from friends on Facebook inquiring about me; "Am I okay?", "I miss your Bible Verse posts, and daily quotes." (I miss posting them.) Then I move on to check on the days news and weather, bank accounts, and other blogs I follow, and as I do I look on my toolbar that says"Our Homeschooling..." and think I should post something, but move on to other things, not wanting to get behind in the schedule in order to try to get more done throughout the day. Still you patiently wait.

I also had to establish a schedule in order to try to get more done throughout our day; the cleaning got done, but not all of the children's schooling, the lessons done, but there were still piles of laundry that needed to be washed, and/or folded and put away. There were bathrooms to be cleaned, floors to be swept or vacuumed, dishes to be washed...So I created a schedule and it looks great paper, now we just need to be a lot more disciplined to make it work.

Now I will try to daily tend to you my blog by keeping you updated with new posts each day, except for possibly Sunday, as even a computer needs a day of rest.

So, my lonely blog I hope you won't be lonely anymore.

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