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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Bethany House Book Review - - Masquerade by Nancy Moser

Set in the year 1886, two women Charlotte(Lottie) Gleason and Dora Connors, are lady and maid, Living in Wiltshire, England. Due to a change in the families finances Charlotte is asked to leave her childhood home, and move to New York City to marry one of America's wealthiest heirs, someone she has never met. Due to illness, her mother, who was planning to escort her daughter to New York, was not able to make the trip. Instead Dora Connors, Charlotte's personal maid is to go in her mothers stead. Since Charlotte and Conrad Tremaine have never met and only letters and a single picture were exchanged; Charlotte(Lottie) decides that she wants an adventure, so she talks to Dora, who looks similar to her, and convinces her to change places...to become Charlotte Gleason.

Once they arrive in New York they officially change places and the masquerade has begun. Dora, now Charlotte goes to stay with the Tremaine's and Lottie is to go to Dora's cousins, but her money is stolen, and the cousin never shows. Will Lottie make it without money, will she find a place to stay? Will Dora(Charlotte) fit in with the Tremaine's and the New York Socialites that they mingle with? Will she be found out to be an impostor? I am going to let you read the book for yourself  to find out the answers to these questions.

I really enjoyed this book. Although the idea isn't a new one for many have written a Prince and Pauper type story, but this story was well written and I was drawn into the lives of these two girls as they journeyed across the Atlantic ocean to find new lives in New York with people they don't know. I also enjoyed watching the girls find God's plan for them, as well as how they grew and became stronger as they lived out their new lives.


**Bethany House provided me a copy of Masquerade by Nancy Moser for the purpose of review. I have not received any other compensation. This review and opinion are solely my own.

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