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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bethany House Book Review - - Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander

Within My Heart is the third book in the Timber Ridge Series by Tamera Alexander... Set in 1877, Timber Ridge, Colorado we find Rachel Boyd, a mother of two young boys, ranch owner, sister, friend, and widow; and Doctor Rand Brookston the single, town doctor who truly cares for the people of Timber Ridge.

Wanting to keep her husband's dream alive, Rachel works hard at keeping the ranch running, but two hard winters has caused a loss of cattle, which has added financial strain to her already full plate. When a cow is having a hard time birthing its calf, Rachel weighs the option of loosing the cow and her calf, or trusting Doctor Brookston to aid in the birth. But, Rachel is wary of him because she feels that he and all other physicians are like her father, a man who was too proud, and arrogant for her liking. Is he, and is she, willing to find out if he is different?

Doctor Rand Brookston, an eastern trained doctor, has wide ranging medical knowledge and willing to read and study to continue learning about new medical procedures. The townspeople are slow to trust him and his new fangled ways of doing things. However, when a patent is found to have a life threatening condition, Doctor Brookston is willing to use a risky procedure to try to save his life.

Will Rachel and Rand remain separated because of Rachel's ideas of what men who are doctors are like, or will they unite in the love Rachel desperately needs, but is afraid to pursue?

I enjoy Tamera's books and Within My Heart wasn't disappointing. I loved how she wove her own struggles to understand God's ways and what God was teaching her into this book. Rachel and Rand are written realistically and I found myself sympathizing with Rachel and her feelings of wanting to remain faithful to her husband and to his dream. I also enjoyed watching the characters grow, facing their fears, limitations, lost dreams, how they learn to forgive, and love.

Disclaimer: Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander was provided for me free by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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