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Friday, August 19, 2011

Preparing For A New School Year

We have wrapped up our school year for 2010-2011. The year went well, and everyone learned a lot. Our 15 year-old is now officially in 10th grade, our 12 year-old is in 6th, our 9 year-old is in 3rd, our 7 year-old is in 1st, and our baby (she will be 5 in October) will be in Kindergarten.

We tend to do a lot of our learning together, and the grades our four younger children are in are arbitrary, because they do their work where they are, in some areas they are doing work above the grade level they are in, in some areas they are right at their grade level, and in other areas they may be behind, but I believe it will “come out in the wash” as they continue in their learning.

This year we will be using these books/curriculum:

Bible: We will continue to use Bible Study for All Ages

Biography: We are currently reading Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle by Janet and Geoff Benge; we have been reading about missionaries for many years, and very much enjoy these after Bible.

History: Mystery of History; Vol. 1

Geography: A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth

Latin and Greek: English From the Roots Up

Music/Art: Sebastian Bach The Boy from Thuringia by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher and singing hymns. Art isn’t formal, the kids draw, create shadow boxes, collages, and anything else that they can think of.

Math: Making Math Meaningful each child works at their own level.

Science: Considering God’s Creation; the three younger ones will be using this together. The older two will be studying anatomy and physiology using Body of Evidence by Dr. Menton.

Spelling: We will be using Spelling Power for the older three. The younger two will have some spelling words from their reading.

Reading: The four younger children will be using McGuffey Readers, while my oldest will be reading Life and Campaigns of Lieutenant General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson by Robert Lewis Dabney.

Logic: The older two children will be using The Fallacy Detective 

Civics: My oldest will be using American Government in Christian Perspective 

Other: Computer Science Pure and Simple; Logo Adventures; Typing Instructor Deluxe; My oldest will be teaching the computer lessons, for his own computer study he asked me to order DOS for Dummies, C for Dummies, Volume 1 and C for Dummies, Volume 2; he wants to learn to be a Computer Engineer, so we let him learn as much as he can on his own and with the help of a friend and homeschool graduate. The younger kids also will continue with Explode the Code Online, ClickN’Read Phonics, while my oldest will continue Grammarlogues, and Words and Their Stories.

Evening Read-Alouds: I will write a post soon with the list of our chosen books.

Not everything will be taught in one day, some subjects will be taught each day, others will be every other day, and still others will be once a week.

I hope this give you a little peek at our homeschool. I’ll try to post our schedule as soon as I get it typed into a spread sheet.


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